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At CPRToday! we believe that reputation speaks louder than any advertising. And with more than half of our new clients coming from referrals, it's no surprise that our customers have wonderful things to say about us. But don't just take our word for it - read what some of our actual clients have to say and you'll understand why we feel good about coming to work every day!

"The best I found is
It's so easy... in under half an hour I took the test and got my certification... I've been certified before, so maybe under an hour for most people..." (watch video)

Anderson Cooper 360, CNN
New York, NY

"As a Doctor I have to say that this is the best way to get people trained in saving lives.
I will say that my daughter saved her brother's life, my son, who was choking on a food using the techniques you teach. Of all the first aid measures this is by far the most important and I would be happy to place my words on the testimonials. I also do a lot of athletic training so I know how important this is for coaches. In fact I believe that it should be a requirement and I have made it one for all my football and basketball and baseball coaches to get certified in on your site. I have it now in my pack for corporate training and the like. Keep up the great work, you are saving lives every day!"

Dr. John P. DeMann
Mason, OH

"Thanks for the great course and the opportunity to do things this way!!
Many thanks for the TERRIFIC course as well as the opportunity for busy professionals who are still at the office and computers at this late hour."

Billie-Lee Williams, RN, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical/Professional Services
San Jose, CA

"I just want to say thank you very much for a lovely and enjoyable experience.
I had taken in-house CPR a number of years ago. Did not keep it up for bunches of reasons. Decided I need it again (bunches of reasons). I found your course and am very happy I did. The format and presentations are excellent. Material is clear, concise and totally relevant. Yes, I passed the test on the first go. I give you mondo credit here also. I have severe test anxiety, but the test was even non-threatening. I will highly recommend your course for anyone in need of or interested in learning basic first aid/cpr. Again, thank you very much."

Martha Higgins
Lanesville, NY

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
Get a mailing list of medical professionals and email to everyone on it - I have used this service for 2 cycles now and cannot begin to thank you for providing updated, easy to study, easy to use material at a time that is convenient for me. After 40 years as a medical professional, over 10 of those years in CCU, I find having to attend a CPR course through the 2 other major certification venues an annoying, expensive waste of my time. Your course acknowledges my experience and provides me with current updates on CPR practice guidelines without interfering with my work or home responsibilities."

Rita Almond, RN
Jensen Beach, FL

"Thank you for your online class.
I had signed up for an 8 hour class through the Red Cross for $82.00 and accidentally found CPRToday for a much cheaper price and in only 3 hours completion time and the same material that Red Cross uses. I will definitely be recommending this class to everyone I know. Thank you!"

Cynthia Daly, CNA
Wasilla, Ak

"I should say that your program was great!!! Thanks!
I will refer my classmates from USC Nursing Program to you. You are the best!!!"

Larisa Demidova
Sherman Oaks, CA

"...the exam is basically the one that Red Cross uses.
I took the exam in no time and passed. My certificate looks great. I am a Licensed Child Daycare Provider in Virginia. Thanks for the program. I will continue to use it."

Thelma Sessa
Radford, VA

"I will recommend your service to the ISSA...
I received hands on AHA CPR certification two years ago and your online course was far superior!"

Monica Neave
Tucson, AZ

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I have been a nurse 12 years and it was a pleasure to renew my certification so easily."

Bonita Costello
Buffalo, NY

"Excellent customer service indeed! Thanks to your quick response...
I was able to quickly take and pass the exam and have the docs in the mail for my recertification by 2PM yesterday. I will share your site with all of my trainer colleagues! PS: Please send this note to your boss for me."

Maggie Sheldon
Glendale, CA


"After 20+ years as an AHA instructor I think this option was long over due.
The material was great clear and concise. Will and have recommended to everyone. Thanks!

Dan Hollifield
Hayesville, NC

"You guys rocked the house!
I needed to renew my certification for my teaching credential, and I was up against a hard deadline. The only all day class locally that was availible came after the deadline. I finished your course and had my new card and certificate in my hand in less than 20 minutes! I was stunned. Best money I ever spent. Thanks CPR Today!"

Sarah Koury
Irvine, CA

"I love this site.
My daughter-in-law is having her first child and I thought me getting CPR certified would be a nice present for her! I needed the certificate in order to put in into the card at the shower, and your suggestion worked. Thanks again!"

Jo Thacker
San Diego, CA

"Just wanted to say thank-you.
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your promptness in handling my [printing] problem. Your speediness in responding to my situation is commendable and I just wanted to say thank-you."

Tan Khu
Ralphs Pharmacy Manager #246
San Gabriel, CA

"The certificate is beautiful...
I will be putting it up on my wall at the school where I teach. I am very impressed with your program on line. Again thank you. "

Shirley Laidley
Avon Lake, OH

"Just a short thank you...
Never have I had such a great experience, with rewards, in receiveing on line help! You guys are just G-R-E-A-T. I will recomend this site to my friends and most certainly brag about the GOOD support that you guys give. Again thank you!"

Sandra M. Brooks
King George, VA

"Thank you for your assistance and support.
I really like the ease of using CPRToday and have told many of my coworkers about your service and the ease of rectification for our CPR needs. Thank you for beginning this online service and continued good luck in keeping it available for everyone's future needs."

Jenny Hosfelt

"Thank you so very much...
Your company went above and beyond in every way expected so that I could complete my training on my schedule. Thank you so very much!! I will be back in two years to re-certify and I will tell everyone I know to use you. As a professional nanny, I can tell you it is usually very time-consuming to try and fit a four-hour class in to the schedule. Thank you, Thank you!!"

Laurel Staton
Winter Park, FL

I just finished my exam. What a wonderful way to get recertified!!! I went for the comprehensive course, it's great. There are a few new things since my last exam. This is fantastic. Thank you!"

Linda Bailey
South Bend, IN

"Your service is fantastic!!
I work in the child care industry and plan to let my fellow associates know about your company's on-line program!!!"

Courtney Guerrero
Tomball, TX

"Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You and the whole crew over there have always been most helpful. Have a great day, and again... Thank you."

Robert Piper
Dresser, WI

"I cannot thank you enough for your immediate and friendly help ....
I had been given another internet provider to use for CPR recertification. I had difficulty using their site. I emailed....called and waited Friday - Tuesday to finally hear a response from them. I would not recommend their services. But I would recommend yours!"

Amy Seaman
Anchorage, AK


"You guys are great, treat your wives as well and your home will be happy!
Thanks again, the convience of this service is wonderful."

Mary Gainey-Eyamie
Fergus, Ontario

"...the course was comprehensive and covered the same material as AHA and Red Cross courses...
Much better to do at own pace and at home. Will definitely use this course again."

Jennifer Jones, RN
Waterford, CT

"Thanks for a great product...
I will recommend it to my other residents"

Bill J. Metaxas, DPM
San Francisco, CA

"I think you have a class "A" website...
I read and reread all your CPR information within a few hours, took the exam and passed with a 91%!"

Karen Anderson
Brockton, MA

"Referred your website to 2 of my nurse friends...
They also took your course today! Everyone was very pleased with the ease of navigation within the website, and the very professional-looking certificate and card they were able to print after passing the course. Thank you again for a great product!"

Judy Raybeck, RN, BS
Plano, TX

"Thanks for the certification...
I am an R.N. and don't have time to spend in class, this is great."

Valerie Scheffler
Hamburg, NY

"I was very pleased with your CPR online...
There are so many scams around that people are a little hesitant to go for these offers. I'm glad yours was not one of these! I was very happy to find your web-site and be able to participate. It saved me long hours in class, and your course was as informative. It especially works good for people like me who have been in the medical field for many years. Thank you again."

Deborah Bidari, RN

"A perfect refresher...
I just took your adult/child/infant course and it was FANTASTIC!! I learned more than hours I've spent in the hands-on classes!!!"

Kali Camara
Sunnyvale, CA

"I needed to start my externship in pharmacy...
Put it off cause it cost too much and I didn't have the time to devote by spending a full day with people, but being able to do this in my own home was wonderful. Thank you!"

Michelle Bradley
Stockton, CA

"Thank You!
I am very pleased with the ease and convienance of your site.... it was a pleasure"

Maria Malta
Katy, TX

"Thank you so much for your help
I will definatly be referring others to you and using you again in the future. Such incredible customer service is so rare latley."

Susan McDermid
Julian, CA

"I really enjoyed taking the test on my own spare time online...
It's much easier than trying to find a class to fit into my schedule."

Shinetha Scott

"Better than the day-long training that I participated in before...
I felt like I learned more this time. I also loved the convenience considering my busy schedule."

Theresa Ahab
La Puente, CA

"This is a great service.
It is difficult to find courses at times that are convenient. I think this will provide the tool for all to learn CPR - professionals and non. This may be a tool to saving many lives."

Angela Carr
Feeding Hills, MA

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