We are not just a pioneer in the distance-learning field, we are also the leader. CPRToday! is the original provider of online Basic Life Support (BLS) training and it's the only thing we do. And because we are committed to providing our clients with the most current BLS guidelines it's little wonder that our certification is accepted by more places around the world than anyone else.

  Federal and State licensing agencies
  All branches of the Armed Forces
  Schools & academic institutions
  Acute healthcare facilities
  Fitness and sports clubs
  Traveling nurse agencies
  Non-profit organizations
  Daycare & childcare centers
  International Fortune 500 firms
  Nursing homes & senior care agencies

All CPRToday! editorial contributors, instructors, and Medical Advisory Board members are comprised of Board Certified, practicing physicians with nearly 30 years of BLS/ACLS training experience among them. We continually review, update, and revise course curricula to ensure that our clients are consistently provided with the most current nationally-accepted guidelines.

We know you've seen all those websites with awkward names that look suspiciously similar to CPRToday! and promise "nationally accepted certification" for a fraction of the cost. And we understand that at first glance they may seem tempting. But before you spend your hard-earned money on a worthless piece of paper keep in mind the old saying: You get what you pay for. There's only one CPRToday! and only CPRToday! brings you guaranteed certification, unparalleled service, exceptional customer support and unbeatable value - it's no wonder CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 declared us "the best" (watch video).

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